Marketing With Traditional Forms Of Advertising

Keeping ahead of the competition has become one of today’s biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. In order to survive in this competitive market, strategising to create innovative and cost-effective marketing campaigns has become increasingly essential and more complicated than ever.

Marketing can result in positive outcomes when done correctly. There’s a range of one-time, unique and inexpensive options that will help entrepreneurs achieve market exposure.

Rooftop inflatable balloons

The use of large, branded rooftop balloons is an often overlooked traditional marketing tool. Compared to billboards and store signs, rooftop balloons are undoubtedly a clever way to increase business visibility. These rooftop balloons offer an array of advantages over traditional banners.

  • Rooftop balloons give a 360-degree view of the branding. They can be seen from any angle on the ground.
  • Rooftop balloons can be read at any time of day and night.
  • Placing a rooftop balloon in high traffic areas maximises the visibility of your brand or promotion.
  • The sheer size of the balloons makes it hard to miss.

Custom inflatable balloons

Not only are these balloons limited to rooftops. They can be used in any high-visibility location to attract the attention of the public.

They can be used in major public events, local community events, rebranding events and much more.

Having an interactive custom branded giant inflatable for your event will attract more attention than a dull poster tucked away.

Low-cost form of advertising

Marketing decisions that involve lower costs are always welcomed by business owners. Inflatables are cheaper compared to other types of marketing such as billboard advertising.

This makes inflatable balloon advertising viable for business owners who are interested in creating a low-budget marketing strategy with maximum potential profit.

Rooftop balloons are very versatile and may also be used for a myriad of promotions. The imagination is the limit for someone planning a marketing event.

Eye-catching size

Large banners and signs still offer high visibility. However, the distinctive round shape of the balloons will nevertheless serve to attract more attention to the customer than that of any banner or sign.

  • The inflatable logo of your company or business can be used for events, workshops, stalls, etc.
  • A giant inflatable balloon replica of a popular product created by your company will attract more eyeballs than a billboard would.
  • The sheer size of a giant inflatable can create hype.
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