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Quality commercial inflatable balloons for rent at affordable prices

Businesses use commercial inflatable balloons for various reasons such as showing locals that their business is open on weekends, creating awareness for their new store, brand or promotion, creating buzz during the event. There are many different types of inflatable balloons. We offer all different types of inflatable balloons for rent in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Inflatable Balloon Man can help your business whether you’re looking for a custom designed or a standard inflatable balloon.

Rooftop Inflatable Balloons

Rooftop Inflatables

Rooftop inflatable attract customers to your business and are perfect for creating hype for a promotion or a new store.

Promotional Balloons

Promotional inflatable balloons are perfect for creating brand awareness during special events, promotions and conventions.

Promotional Inflatable Duck Balloon
Inflatable Balloon Man

Inflatable Air Dancers

An air dancing inflatable balloon man is perfect to show people that your business is open and ready for business.

Why choose us?

$10M Public Liability

All of our inflatable rentals come with $10 million public liability insurance.

10+ Years Experience

Inflatable Rooftops Pty Ltd has been operating for 10 years in the industry.

Custom Design

We provide custom inflatable rentals for companies big and small all over Australia.

Quality Inflatables

Our company produces high quality commercial grade inflatable balloons.



We operate all over:

Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide



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