Why Rooftop Inflatables Are Better Than Billboards

Why rooftop balloons are a good idea

Rooftop balloons are a good way to advertise a business to local customers. As rooftop inflatables are on the roofs of buildings, they are in a vantage point which can be seen near and far. They are cost-effective and are great for brick and mortar businesses are based on a busy road or an area with high foot traffic.

They perform a similar role as billboards do only without the huge price tag. Small billboards in Melbourne and Sydney can cost anywhere from $1500-$3600 per month as a minimum, with large upfront costs for set up and design. They can also cost a lot more depending on the location. If you have a small shop on a freeway, it makes sense to utilise that space to attract local thoroughfare.

Having a logo or slogan printed on a giant rooftop balloon can help bring awareness to your brand. It can act as a powerful tool for product launches, discounts, and grand openings.

Publicise events with balloons

Advertising with a rooftop balloon can be easily tied to your marketing strategy. It is a cost-effective solution and is ideal for small local businesses that don’t have large marketing budgets. Being local, it doesn’t make sense to advertise on a billboard located on the other side of town. Whether you have a shop, a special sale, store opening, or new product launch, rooftop balloons are a great way to catch the eyes of people passing by.

Rooftop balloon advertisement can be heavily customisable and fun. Instead of having boring traditional marketing, a rooftop balloon can be a giant gorilla, tyre or even dragon! To add on the wow factor to your marketing event, hire a professional that has the expertise to interweave different colours, types, and shapes of balloons. Inflatable Balloon Man specialises in commercial rooftop inflatables.

Simple temporary installation

Rooftop balloons can be easily incorporated on top of your building. Rooftop balloons, unlike bulky metal signs, can be set up on a rooftop where they can still be seen among the other towering buildings around. Having them be in an open area can help garner more attention towards your business as well.

Cost-Effective Attention-Grabbers

Gaining the attention of customers is the fundamental tenent in marketing. Rooftop balloons are one of the most cost-effective forms of local marketing. One of the best features of advertising with rooftop balloons is that balloons are fully customisable.

Working with a skilled professional in balloon designing can allow you to have texts or graphics custom-made. You are also able to select from a wide range of colours and fonts for your balloons. Font, colour, contrast, logos, and balloon size are just a few details that can enhance the uniqueness of your custom balloon.

Don’t waste your marketing budget on a billboard when you can get the same result with a well-designed rooftop inflatable balloon.

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